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OpenSky Airways (OSA) is an aircraft acquisition and leasing company, founded in 2008 by private investors. OSA provides aircraft leasing, consulting, and limited non-profit demo flights. Our mission is to serve all of your private flying needs, and to provide the best possible value for your money.

OSA aims to boost new pilot starts, promote general aviation safety and training, and to encourage private aircraft utilization for humanitarian/philanthropy (i.e. Angel Flights), recreational, and business use.

OSA is now proudly partnered with the Santa Monica Flyers flying school to bring you the best flight instructors in the bay area, a full range of aircraft capabilities (from Cessna's to Cirrus's), and top-notch aircraft maintenance. And better still, all the amenities a pilot could enjoy: spacious pilot lounge, private meeting rooms, member scheduling service, weather briefing computers, the beautiful and sunny Californian weather. There is simply no better place to fly!
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